Friday, December 13, 2013

So your house is haunted ... a very brief response.

Among the many questions and concerns that come my direction is the question of what to do about a house that appears to be haunted. A very brief response ...

For a moment ignore the haunting and ask yourself a question, "Who are you as a baptized Christian?" Many things in this life, both visible and invisible and the very nature of our sin attract our attention away from examining ourselves, of living a life of repentance (Mk 1:15) and trusting in the Gospel, namely in Christ.

In other words, life has its distractions that take our attention away from our life in Christ. As an example, the psalmists didn't always have the answers to their problems and life experiences but they simply turned and confessed God who is the Author, Redeemer and Giver of Life.

The meaning of life was not what we make of life but what God has made of our life in Christ. We know this life under God's grace and forgiveness in Christ as baptized Christians. When we approach life experiences, we do so with this in mind. We know that we are God's child and belong not to the world but to God in Christ.

The devil wishes to draw our attention elsewhere other than Christ.  He does this by creating fear of things in this life, in death or of the devil, and not a fear (respect), love and trust in God above all things. In the midst of an apparent battle, the battle has been won in Christ.

More to be said but don't miss the point.

Secondly, call your pastor. Nothing better but to have your Christian pastor visit the house and your family and take it from there.

Not a baptized Christian, hmmmmm, either enjoy the ride, it may or may not be too pleasant, or set up a visit with your neighborhood Lutheran Pastor (Missouri Synod) or some faithful local baptized Christian pastor.

If you have a question regarding baptism, the Bible does not treat it as an option.  An example is found in quite a few verses but one could quickly look at passages as Acts 2:38 ff or Rom. 6:1-5 ff. But if you have any question why I consider it important, please ask.  Peace!!!

In Christ,

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