Friday, December 13, 2013

The battle has been won!!!!

I don't mind the dramatics during an exorcism.  But the experienced exorcist is not always dramatic but is simply calm and collective knowing this, though there is a battle in the room, the battle has been won. Much like a preacher preaches with confidence of the Gospel in the midst of a world of sin.  The Gospel is the victory Christ has won for us upon the cross as He died for our sins for us and for our salvation and raised alive from the grave on the third day.  So the exorcist walks in the room as a victor in Christ and not a if there is a battle to be won.  This is a huge mistake in many books on spiritual warfare as the book frequently centers so much on us or the possessed and not on Christ.  Everything should be centered in Christ.

The picture above shows St. Michael with the "old man" namely the devil under his foot.  In St. Michael's right hand is a sword depicting a battle but in his left hand is a scale depicting that the judgment has taken place.  This narrative is described in Revelation 12 where the battle scene takes between the birth of Christ and the battle won in the blood of the Lamb (Christ).

This is why I love the seal of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne where you see the cross coming down upon the head of the snake! (Genesis 3:15) It reminds us that Christ has won the battle!

So your house is haunted ... a very brief response.

Among the many questions and concerns that come my direction is the question of what to do about a house that appears to be haunted. A very brief response ...

For a moment ignore the haunting and ask yourself a question, "Who are you as a baptized Christian?" Many things in this life, both visible and invisible and the very nature of our sin attract our attention away from examining ourselves, of living a life of repentance (Mk 1:15) and trusting in the Gospel, namely in Christ.

In other words, life has its distractions that take our attention away from our life in Christ. As an example, the psalmists didn't always have the answers to their problems and life experiences but they simply turned and confessed God who is the Author, Redeemer and Giver of Life.

The meaning of life was not what we make of life but what God has made of our life in Christ. We know this life under God's grace and forgiveness in Christ as baptized Christians. When we approach life experiences, we do so with this in mind. We know that we are God's child and belong not to the world but to God in Christ.

The devil wishes to draw our attention elsewhere other than Christ.  He does this by creating fear of things in this life, in death or of the devil, and not a fear (respect), love and trust in God above all things. In the midst of an apparent battle, the battle has been won in Christ.

More to be said but don't miss the point.

Secondly, call your pastor. Nothing better but to have your Christian pastor visit the house and your family and take it from there.

Not a baptized Christian, hmmmmm, either enjoy the ride, it may or may not be too pleasant, or set up a visit with your neighborhood Lutheran Pastor (Missouri Synod) or some faithful local baptized Christian pastor.

If you have a question regarding baptism, the Bible does not treat it as an option.  An example is found in quite a few verses but one could quickly look at passages as Acts 2:38 ff or Rom. 6:1-5 ff. But if you have any question why I consider it important, please ask.  Peace!!!

In Christ,

Thursday, December 12, 2013

What books should you read on Angels and Demons?

I will add more and modify this list so please stop back.  Also, I will add more of my book lists on this blog.  More of my lists exist elsewhere at the moment.  

I Am Not Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare, by Robert H. Bennett

I found that the following books are helpful but not that I agree with everything in the following books:

99 Answers to Questions about Angels and Demons and Spiritual Warfare, by B.J. Oropeza

Angels, Elect and Evil, by C. Fred Dickason

A book I just ordered but looked through it and like what I saw is: Wizards that Peep, A Journey Into the Occult, by Siegbert W. Becker

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Devil Made Me Do It!

Here's an interview by the Canadian Lutheran Online, as they interviewed Dr. Bennett, with the title,  "The Devil made me do it."  Please check it out!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

What the devil do we make of him?

What the devil do we make of him? is my Facebook page, it is found here:

Video Segments Coming Soon!

Many have asked if I would record or video my presentation on Angel, Demons and Ghosts.  I'm just afraid images might appear on the video so I don't want to freak people out! jk!!!  I might videotape my day presentation at Shepherd of the City, but I will definitely will be doing video segments on my blog more than likely in October sometime.  I have all the equipment now.  So this blog may be a little boring at the moment.  As I have mentioned before, I have been posting on my other blog at This blog is just newer but dedicated to pastoral care and the questions about the metaphysical world from a Christian worldview. So don't give up on this blog as of yet.

I am speaking at Ball State to the Lutheran Fellowship this weekend and the at my congregation October 26.


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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Book List: A collection of my old and new books lists on the metaphysical world for whatever it's worth

I will have a more constructive book list with reviews down the road but here is a combination of different book list from other posts:

Post 1

Post 2

Post 3

Post 4

Post 5

Post 6

Post 7

Post 8

Enjoying my study of angels but now taking a break and studying the question of ghost

I am not suggesting I believe in the existence of ghost or not, but I can clearly say I am not completely satisfied with the typical, conservative response on this issue.  Stay tune for my Scriptural-historical response to the metaphysical world including the question of the existence of ghost at Higher Things.  Presently I am reading a fascinating book (at least thus far) called, "Ghost in the Middle Ages, The Living and the Dead in Medieval Society" by Jean-Claude Schmitt.  I have about two or three additional books awaiting me after this book on my desk.  -Curate

Monday, May 27, 2013

Higher Things, Christ Academy and National Youth Gathering

I will be at and speaking at two Higher Things events, the one in West Lafayette, IN and the other in Tocoma, WI.  This is my description of my lecture:

Angels and Demons, the Christian struggle and temptation

In a secular-thinking world, what should you make of the spiritual world of angels and demons? How does this impact your life as a Christian? After calling the disciples, the first thing our Lord does in Mark’s Gospel is an exorcism! And each day we pray, "Deliver us from (the) evil (one)." We will hear about angels and demons—and about how interpret this spiritual world as Christians.

For those who have heard my lecture before, it will partly be the same but also different.  I may address the wider metaphysical world such as if Lutherans should believe in the existence of ghosts and will hopefully give time for questions if at all possible.  I will definitely be available outside of the lectures for conversation.

I will also be at the National Youth Gathering as well.  So look me up if you are going to one of these events.  It would be great to see you. Not that I am trying to advertise, but I have done Bible studies in this area for small group devotions for youth groups at the gatherings.  Since I am not a professor (though I have taught college courses and the like), it is good for me to hear questions and feed back on this subject.

I will also be teaching on this subject at this summer's Christ Academy!  If you are eligible, it's not too late to sign up!!!

Peace in Christ,

YouTube: The Exorcist: Story of the LC-MS Lutheran Possessed Boy

This is one review from YouTube of the exorcism that was done regarding the LC-MS Lutheran boy who eventually became Roman Catholic. This exorcism was the "basis" of the movie, The Exorcist. In the movie, it was a girl rather than a boy in the real story. Please understand that everything from these reviews may not be exactly how it happened and also may give a false understanding of exorcism from a Lutheran or even a Roman Catholic understanding. There is also a false notion that Roman Catholic priests are the experts in doing exorcisms. This is no doubt why the Lutheran boy was eventually given over to the Roman Catholics. Not that we can't learn from one another but thought I would mention this point. To find the links to the video clips on Youtube, please click on this link:

To find further information, you may go to this link:

I also have another book that describes this particular event further. I have yet to read it but may read it soon.

- Curate

Will be developing this blog soon!

I will be developing the blog after I figure out how to use this Blogger. I will be adding and developing this blog soon.   Right now I am posting on my other blog: olognet.   - Curate

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The meaning of Curate

"A curate is a person who is invested with the care or cure (cura) of souls of a parish.  In this sense 'curate' correctly means a parish priest."

Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Curate pages

Well, if you want to share any stories, questions, and such, I have a special email for all this. Just get a hold of me somehow (posting on this blog, tweeting me, Facebook, or whatever) and I will get you the email address.  I might just post it on this blog.

So the following are the links to my YouTube site and Facebook page:
This Blog:

In Christ,

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Will be publishing soon on this blog

Just a note, probably about mid February, I will be adding some vids and notes to this page. In the mean time, feel free to email me your questions, thoughts, experiences or whatever! Pax Christi
Welcome to my new blog.  This blog will be devoted to pastoral care but more specifically to my study of the Christian struggle as we address the question of the metaphysical world (angels, demons, the question of poltergeist, et al) from a conservative (confessional) Lutheran perspective.