Monday, May 27, 2013

YouTube: The Exorcist: Story of the LC-MS Lutheran Possessed Boy

This is one review from YouTube of the exorcism that was done regarding the LC-MS Lutheran boy who eventually became Roman Catholic. This exorcism was the "basis" of the movie, The Exorcist. In the movie, it was a girl rather than a boy in the real story. Please understand that everything from these reviews may not be exactly how it happened and also may give a false understanding of exorcism from a Lutheran or even a Roman Catholic understanding. There is also a false notion that Roman Catholic priests are the experts in doing exorcisms. This is no doubt why the Lutheran boy was eventually given over to the Roman Catholics. Not that we can't learn from one another but thought I would mention this point. To find the links to the video clips on Youtube, please click on this link:

To find further information, you may go to this link:

I also have another book that describes this particular event further. I have yet to read it but may read it soon.

- Curate

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